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For some initial code examples of how to use stdnet2, download the code and look at the test directory.

stdnet2-Dev_0_02_b.tar.gz   First sub-release of stdnet2 for Dev_0_02.
Compiles with Visual C++ version 6 on Windows.
Compiles with GCC version 2.96 on Linux.
Adds "null" reference for invalidating or initialising references. Can also be used in boolean expressions.
stdnet2-Dev_0_01.tar.gz   First development release of stdnet2.
This is the first version with the java-like class hierarchy.
stdnet-0.04.tar.gz   Latest development release of the original stdnet project.
Some patches and maintenance yet to be applied.
Supports multi-threading but porting to non-POSIX environments like Windows has been attempted - was successful - but is a bit painful. Initial Windows port by Kevin Shea (bravely so in my opinion).
One goal of stdnet2 was to make portability more natural and consistent.